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A Cyclists Guide to Diet & Nutrition

A Cyclists Guide to Diet & Nutrition


Are you ready to begin your cycling journey?

Congratulations on making such an important decision, and welcome to the most exhilarating ride of your life. Whether you want to cycle for fun, lose weight, or become competitive, cycling is a fantastic sport.

However, this amazing journey can become catastrophic and a nightmare without the proper nutritional support.

Yet, some people take this single sentence of advice and turn it into something else. They must have heard that cycling burns too much fuel, which is a good thing. They have the misconception that it perhaps an opportunity to eat whatever's in your carb dreams because it's all going to be burned away in the massive hours you put in your bike.

I've seen too many people gobbling down energy bars, gels, sports drinks, and lots more in one bike ride – but only a few seconds later, it's all down to stomach aches, bloating, and intense lethargy. The truth is there's just too much information on the internet about fad diets, nutrition products, and 'expert' advice – most of them are in reality – crap!

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